Available Female Shih-Tzu Puppies

My Shih Tzu puppies are carefully bred, healthy, Smart, with excellent temperaments.
They make outstanding family pets. Email me or call today!  

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We Have New Puppies!

Beautiful Miss Brooke /Sir Richie babies arrived 7-18-2020
Lovely Healthy Puppies # 2 Amazing little girls !


 Meet Our Sweet Baby Bristol
Thank You to the Mary of Atlanta.
Red Brown and White Doll!


 Meet Our Sweet Baby Bailey
Thank You to the Mary of Atlanta. 2 Darling Sisters!
Black and White Doll!


We Have New Puppies! 
Beautiful Miss Bella /Sir Richie babies arrived 6-2-2020
Darling Healthy Puppies # 3 Lovely Little Girls ! 


 Meet Our Adorable Miss Lydia
Thank You to the Jarrell Family of Ohio
Black and White Doll!

 Meet Our Adorable Miss Lily (Willow)
Thank You to the Barosko Family of Va.
This is their 2nd TwaNas Baby
Solid Black Angel! 

Lacy On Hold


Little Miss Poppy and Darling Sir Richie puppies arrived 6/13/2020.
3 Cute little baby girls and 2 adorable little fellows.


 Meet Sweet Miss Pipa
Thank You to the Hepler family of Utah 🙂
This is their 2nd TwaNas Baby
Solid Black Doll Baby 


Meet Adorable Princess
Thank You to the Patten Family of Ohio!
Black and White Baby Girl


 Meet Paisley So Cute!
Thank You to the Mahan family Of Michigan.
Sweet Gold and White Baby Girl

Having a dog in the house works wonders by reducing stress, lowering cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure, while increasing physical activity. For example, pet ownership has increased the percentage of people who survived one year after being hospitalized for heart problems. Plus, sharing affection and companionship toward a pet simply makes people smile. 

 Please read this important information:  Make sure you talk to me personally. I am Located in OHIO.  We only except Paypal for payment and never ask for money grams or wire transfers. This information is to protect our wonderful clients!
Call me at 419-228-8302 or 419-371-3039…these are my only phone numbers.  We Look forward to talking with you! 


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