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This is where I get my Washable puppy pads from and I really love them!

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A great place to find every kind of wonderful things for you little one!

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Here’s a link to Griffin’s page. Griffin is a beautiful Twa-Nas Puppy! He belongs to Brad S. Now and is loved so much!

Check out my dear friend Nan Stegall’s web site…you just have to see these beautiful dolls she does! Their little bodies look so real!! I want one…:)  Nan is a wonderful Reborn Artist. Cradle of Angels

This Book is wonderful. ( My favorite book) You can find this book at


The Official Book of The Shih Tzu By Jo Ann White



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Loving Miss Mitzy and KC puppies arrived July 10, 2019!
These are the most beautiful puppies! 

|Meet Adorable Miss Trixie|
Thank You Beth Lewis and your lovely family for giving Trixie a
wonderful loving home.
This is The Lewis
family’s 2nd TwaNas Shih Tzu.
I am so Thankful to have wonderful families like the Lewis Family. 




Meet Amazing Little Frankie

Thank You to Robb and Carrie of GA. What a wonderful little fellow!
Frankie is super loving with a laid back nature.



  Meet Adorable Izzy
Thank You to Teri and Bob of Ohio! She is a little angel!

Red Gold /White Baby Doll.



  Meet Adorable Olivia
Thank You to GiGi of MN. This is GiGis 2nd TwaNas Shih Tzu.
Liver Angel


Meet Darling little Elijah
Thank You Dr. Danny , what a little doll!
This little man is super cute on the smaller side.
He has the sweetest face, very affectionate. He is sure warm up any loving home.
Red Liver Dolldivider2

Meet Sweet Noah
Thank You Suzy Of Pittsburgh, such a darling little boy!
Super cute, funny and smart. Very playful and very loving. Such a lover.
Dark Red Liver Baby boy divider2

Darling Miss Tashee / Sir Richie Puppies arrived 5-22-2019
Two beautiful baby girls, 3 adorable little boys.
Ready for their new homes 7-22-2019. 


Super Cute Moe-Mocha
Thank You to the Smurdon Family of Ohio, fell in love with 2 puppies!Red Liver So Adorable ! Super Sweet very loving.
Silly little fellow. A little Ham!

Meet Happy Little Teddy Bear
Thank You to the Smurdon Family of Ohio
Solid Chocolate / Amazing !
This Little fellow is a cuddle bug. Love this guy,


Meet Sweet Baby Dove
Thank You to Mary and Bill of Ohio, what a sweet doll baby!
Chocolate/ White  So Adorable !


Meet Lovely Ambrosia
 Thank You to Gina and Girls of Pittsburgh, she is beautiful.
Solid Chocolate Doll Baby !

Meet Baby Russel Stover
Thank You To the Albrecht Family of Maryland, he is beautiful!
Chocolate / White Just Stunning !

Our Lovely Miss Summer/ Kc
Delivered 5 darling babies Thursday April 06.2019
Ready for their new loving homes, June 07, 2019.


Meet Awesome August
 Thank You so much to The Luzzi family Of GA. Little dolly baby!
What a wonderful little man!

Gold/White Dark tipping!


 Meet Amazing April
Thank You to Grace Fox of Lima, Ohio, what a darling baby girl!
Lovely Doll!
Red Gold / White 

 Meet Marvelous May
Thank You Marilyn Of PA. Beautiful Little Girl!
Stunning little angel
Red Gold / White 

Meet Joyous July
Thank You so much to The Kirchner family Of PA.
Super Cute Doll Baby!
Red Gold / White

Our Beautiful Miss Stormy / Charming.
Delivered 4 darling babies Thursday March 21, 2019

 Meet Adorable Katie
Thank You to the Glass Family Of Ohio.
What a darling baby girl!
Solid Red Baby 

 Meet Darling Kasey
Thank You to the Cevasco family of Cleveland Oh.

Great Pick!
Very lovable soft personalty.


 Meet Darling Skippy!
Thank You to the Jaster family Of Dayton Ohio, what a great boy!
Very Smart, cuddle bug!
Super Beautiful markings! 

Our adorable Miss Jazzy/Charming puppies have arrived!

Delivered 3 Super Cute Little Puppies!  Born March 24,2019.
These pups will be ready for there forever homes on May 4, 2019


 Meet Darling Chance
Thank You so much to The Hess Family of Columbus Ohio.
Gorgeous Red/Wht. Dark Tips Beautifully marked!


 Meet Darling Ch
Thank You to the Holloway family of Ohio.|
Red Gold Dark tipping, super cute.



 Meet Lovely Christa
Thank You so much to the Prueter Family Of Ohio.
This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy! Great Pick!
Stunning Little Doll,Solid Black Brown Red

Our Lovely Miss Spicy delivered 5 adorable little baby girls. We are very thankful for all of our wonderful Tzu Families!
Many travel long distances and fly in for their new addition.  

DOB 01-26-2019

Meet Sweet Sundae
Thank you so much to Lisa Napier of In. Lovely baby!
Beautiful Black/ White Stunning

Meet Sweet Sami
Thank You Rosemary of Ohio, what a great pick.

Gorgeous  White Gold Tipps
Silly sweet, inquisitive lovey baby!

Meet Sweet Sofia
Thank You to the Aladin family of Ct. What a beautiful baby!
Beautiful Red/White

Meet Sweet Sonja
Thank You Miss Carol of Florida, such a lovely little girl.

Stunning Doll Red/White

Meet Sweet Staci
Thank You Laura and Bob of PA. Staci is just Stunning.
This is Laura and Bobs 2nd TwaNas Shih Tzu!
Adorable Gold /White

 Dob December 12-09-18
Our Darling Miss Meggie/ Sir Richie Puppies!



  Meet Sweet Juliet
Thank You Barbra and Jim of Ohio, Juliet is a darling little girl.!
Soft and Sweet as can be. Lovely little doll!
Gold / White


Meet Adorable Amora
Going to live with her sister in Florida, Thank you Pam! 


Meet Adorable Cherish
Thank You so much to the Gaw Family Of Florida / Pa.
What a darling little girl. Beautiful girl!
Gold / White  

 Meet Lovable Cupid
Cupid is going to a loving home nearby! Thank You!
What a lover… Soft laid back little angel.
|Solid Gold 

 Meet Darling Romeo
Thank You so much to Ted and Connie of Ohio, this is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy!
Spencer will have a new baby Brother! 

Solid Black

 Meet Little Casanova
Thank You to the Harvey Family of PA. What a little doll!
Sweet Little fellow.
Solid Black 


Lovely Little Miss Bailey and Sir Richie puppies arrived  9- 07- 2018
These babies are laid back…lol super sweet just like mommy!



Meet Little Sweet Ace
 Now Living in Nevada, his mom flew a long way to adopt this little darling fellow.
Thank You Leigh Ann Of Reno Nevada, what an amazing little doll!
Beautiful Solid Black / White Blaze

      Meet Little Domino (Teddy Bear )
Thank You To the Huff Family Of Ohio, This is their 2nd TwaNas Shih Tzu!
What a Great Little Guy!



Meet Adorable Baby Pepper
A Big Thank You to the Avolio Family who are flying in from NY
To Pick up Pepper, she is their 3rd Twanas Shih Tzu.
Solid Black White/ Blaze
Pepper has a soft playful loving personality, such a silky soft coat. Awesome girl.

    Our Darling Miss Tashee  and Sir Richie puppies DOB  9- 10- 2018



Meet Adorable KitKat
Thank You so much to the Jessing Family of Ohio. Such a lovely little girl.
Beautiful Deep Chocolate White/ Blaze
This little gal is on the smaller side, Red chocolate Darling!



Meet Our Happy Boy Russel Stover
A big Thank You to Damiano Family of Fla. who will be flying in to pick up their 3rd TwaNas Puppy!
Solid Red Chocolate Dream!!!
This little angel has the sweetest little laid back personality.


Meet Our Baby Jingles
Thank You so much to Debbie Johnson Of MI., You picked a precious Little Boy!

 Red/White Liver (Stunning Baby Boy ) Playful, Sweet, and very loving.

Playful very sweet and a little laid back fellow.


Our Super Adorable  Miss Sophie/Richie babies arrived  8/31/18.
5 adorable Chocolate and Chocolate/White boys!  These little angels will be ready Nov. 1. 2018
This is a great time to get your new babies all settled in for the Holidays!

Photos Taken 10-06-18


Meet Sunning Snickers!
Thank You Shelly J. what a wonderful little fellow.
This is Shelly’s. 2nd TwaNas Baby. Lives right here in Lima! 
Stunning Solid Red/White Liver 


Meet our Dark Chocolate Skor!
Thank You to Miss Jennifer M. Of IL.  What  a super cute little man!
Skor is a stunning dark Chocolate. 


Meet our Red Chocolate Mocha !
 Now with his new mom who flew in from NY!
Thank You Tash of NY. What  a Great little man!!!
Darling Little cup of Mocha…a real ladies man! Love this little fellow

  Meet Rocky !
  Thank You to the Weiss  family of Ohio, Rocky is just perfect!
Baby Rocky is a tiny boy with a Big Heart! He Thinks he is a big Boy.
Super Sweet.


Meet Little Sweet Willie Wonka !
Thank you so much to the Galliano family who came from Maryland.

They fell in love with 2 of our darling boys who are now home with their new mom and dad!


  Our Very Beautiful Miss Jessie / Red Prince puppies arrived on 9-08-18.
Three amazing little Red and White girls and one solid Red male, one Red/ white male. 

Photos Taken 10-12-18



Meet Beautiful Sweet Jasmine
Thank You Tiffany D. Of Ohio. Beautiful girl!


Meet Our Perfect Prince Joseph ( Joey)

Thank you to Crystal Ribar and family, a special gift . 

Amazing Red/White Angel


Meet Our  Adorable Prince Jaxson
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Galliano Of  MD.  You picked a beautiful little man!
 Super Smart, very curious, loving playful little Darling


Miss Summer / KC  babies arrived today. DOB 8/25/18
1 baby girl and 4 little fellows!  Beautiful Babies!
Ready for their new homes on or about Oct. 26,2018.

Photos Taken  10-06-18


 Meet Little Dani Boy
Thank You Dr. Gina and kids. Dani is a real treasure!
Gold /White 


Meet Super Sweet Dakota
Thank you  Jeannie B. of  PA. going with his brother Dash and be very spoiled!
Red Gold /White 



Meet Gorgeous Dusty
Thank You to So Much to Peter W. Of Ohio…wow what a great pick!
Solid White 


Meet Stunning Dash
Thank you  Jeannie B. of  PA. Dash and Dakota will love being your little babies!
 GoldenRed /White

Please read this important information: There is only one Twana Sue, if you do not talk to me personally do not respond,….I am Located in OHIO.  We only except Paypal for payment and never ask for money grams or wire transfers. This information is to protect our wonderful clients!

Call me at 419-228-8302 or 419-371-3039…these are my only phone numbers.  We Look forward to talking and meeting with you! 

















Our Lovely  Miss Stormy/Charming babies arrived today. DOB 8/22/18
3 Stunning baby girls! 
Two of these little angels are going to live with Mrs. Eileen Marino of NY!
Thank You Eileen, these little girls are beautiful! Ready for their new forever homes on or about 8-24-18.
One will be staying here with us!

Photos Taken 9-09-18



 Meet Beautiful Miss Bella



 Meet Beautiful Miss Brandi


 Meet Beautiful Miss Brooke


Lexi/ Charming puppies born 6-24-18
This will be Lexi’s last litter. Such beautiful puppies!



Meet Sweet Houston
Thank You to Cindy Ebert for adding this adorable little fellow to your fur family! 
Super sweet, playful and very smart little fellow!
Beautiful Solid Gold Dark Mask / White Blaze 





 Meet Lovely Miss Heaven
Thank You so much to Jim and Cindy , what a beautiful little girl!
Stunning Black and White




Meet Sweet Harley
Thank You Kathy of Ohio, Harley is such a sweet darling boy!
Cute Little Hardy Solid Gold Black Mask.



Meet Sweet Hunter
Thank You to Shirley and Jack of Wv. what a little doll!
Gorgeous Red/White Perfect little man!



 Beautiful Miss Sweetpea and Sir Prince puppies born June 2,2018.
3 stunning little fellows shown below. 


Meet Little Joey

Thank You to Laurel and Alex of NY!
Gorgeous Red/White




Meet Little Jessy
Thank You to Kellie D. Of Ohio. Beautiful litle boy!
Darling Red/White

 Meet Little Jaxson

Thank You Sandy J.
Super Cute Solid Red




Meet Lovely Miss Jazzy
Thank You to the Borris Family of Pa. this is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy!
Solid Red Beauty



 Meet Amazing Little Jacee
Thank You to The Frank Family of IL.
Adorable Red/White


Beautiful Mitzy and Sir Prince puppies arrived Tuesday 2-13-18.
These little darlings will be ready to go to their new homes on or about April 16,2018.

Photos Posted on 3-15-2018

Meet Little Max
Thank You Maria of NY  for adopting this little Doll.

Red/ White


 Meet Super Sweet Milo
Thank You To the LoPresti Family of Long Island NY
Stunning Red Brown Liver

Our darling Miss Tashi and Sweet Rocky puppies arrived Friday 2-16-18.
Darling fellow will be ready for his new forever home on or about April 19, 2018. 


 Meet Beautiful Tigger Roo
Thank You to Mr. and Mrs. Recchia Of CT. this is their 2nd TwaNas puppy. Nice Pick!
Stunning Orange Liver


Our Darling Miss Summer and Sir Prince puppies were born 12-26-17
Ready for their new loving homes on or about 2-26-18. 


 Meet Our Beautiful Miss Ribbons 

Thank you Tiffany and Rick of PA. Ribbons is a very special little girl.

 Meet Darling Remi

Thank you To the Langston Family of MI.  What a great little doll!

Solid Reddish Gold / Black Face


Our Precious Journey and Prince Charming puppies have arrived.
DOB. 10-14- 2017  Ready for forever homes 12-15-17.
This Is Miss Journeys Last Litter she is going to live with with a lovely family in PA.


 Meet Darling Dasher
Thank You so much to Donna and Charles L. Of  Michigan. What a great little fellow!
Super adorable perfect marked , Stunning.
Beautiful Marked Black/White



Meet Darling Cupid
Thank You Robyn, Cupid is a darling little guy!
2nd TwaNas ShihTzu  for Robyn’s Family. 
Stunning  Black/White



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