TwaNa's PK Shih-Tzu

Twa Na's Shih Tzu

Adult Contract & Warranty

Contract For our Adult Retired Dogs

The Sale Of This Purebred Shih Tzu Dog Is Made Upon The Following Terms And Conditions.
AKC #:________________


Birth Date:_____________



Breeder(s) : Twana Sue Blatz

Buyer Name and Address :_________________________________________________________

Phone No._____________________

The Sale of this Purebred Shih Tzu Dog Is Made Upon The Following Terms And Conditions.

1. The purchase price of the Dog is $ ________ limited registration price includes the spay/Neuter fee.

By placing your payment, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract. Monies are non-refundable.

2. Buyer has agreed to come and pick up on or about ___________.  We are looking forward to meeting you!
3. To the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief, this Dog is in good sound health, free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at the time of sale.

4. As of date of delivery, the Dog has received proper vaccinations and deworming, rabies and microchip.
5. Seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, allergies or ANY OTHER undesirable circumstances once the dog has left the seller’s premises.
6. Once the said dog has left TwaNas P-K ,TwaNas P-K is not responsible for any infection, illness, or allergies or medical expenses.
7. Breeder agrees to spay/neuter said Dog before the agreed pickup date and to let the buyer know how the Dog is doing while recovering.
8. Buyer agrees not to do a paypal charge back for any reason. No Refunds.
9. Any Legal Action Taken or Any Disputes, or Litigation’s regarding this purchase will be handled in Allen County, Lima, Ohio USA at the buyer’s expense.
Seller___________________________ Date_________

Buyer___________________________  Date_________

Thank You have a blessed day.


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Our Shih Tzu are AKC registered.