TwaNas Pk Video of our adorable puppies.

 Chloe Litter:

Video of Journey Girl and Serge puppies….

Past Video of Miss Chloe and The Red Prince Litter! 3-24-16

 Videos- Miss Kaite and Mocha puppies!

 Miss Emmy/Mocha Puppies!

Video of Miss Chloe and The Red Prince Litter!  ttps://

See our beautiful puppies goofing off here at home!

Cute Video of our darling babies playing! Watch-

Katie puppies.>
Miss Libby puppies>

Lacey LiL boys +
Super Sweet +
More Fun +
To Cute +

We would love to share with you a video of our beautiful babies in action! Watch this video to see the quality of a well bred Shih Tzu. NEW +
So Cute +

Below you will find many fun videos of Twana Puppies.


Check out this to cute video of Ruby Champion cute!

Also A fun video of Missy, Pips and Heaven puppies are having a good time playing together.

 Libby and Baba little puppies, very cute!

Here is are a few new cute videos of Gemma and Buster babies playing…enjoy!
Gemma Pups 1-
Gemma Pups 2-

Video of of Miss Libby babies Playing…Enjoy!

My Little Izzy Video…

Video 1.)

Video 2.)

Video 3.)

Video 4:)

Video 5:) Ruby Champion cute!


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