TwaNa's PK Shih-Tzu

Twa Na's Shih Tzu

Picking A Shih Tzu Puppy

When looking for a pet that will be with you for years to come, you ask yourself: what sex do I want? What color do I want?

Sorry, not the correct questions. You, as a pet owner, will be spaying/neutering, so the sex is not the most important thing. I love both sexes but it is through years of living with this beautiful breed that I see that the males are most often the more affectionate and tend to love to please.

I live with several adorable females, but the females can be moody at times (can’t all women). But there are always exceptions to every rule. Sex should never be a determining factor as much as what you see and feel. I always believe that the right puppy goes to the right Mommy or Daddy, because you will make them yours.

You will blend them into your home and it will be a perfect match, because regardless of the sex, a Shih Tzu is truly a wonderful creature to live with!! These sturdy, funny little creations are made to pamper and love and please. Colors change, but the baby stays the same. There is a saying (Female Shih Tzu will love you and Male Shih Tzu will fall in love with you!)
They all love their masters! Enjoy and love the baby you choose. These lovely little dogs will take your heart and strive to please. What more could we want out of our pets?

For more information on this, contact me, I will be happy to help you out with all the details!
Thank you so much,
Twana Blatz



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