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PUPPY NEWS  (  Our adorable Miss Maddie MaeMae / Sir Ryder is due Mid January. Also Our super sweet little Poppy is Mid January! We are accepting names for our waiting list.)
Our Lovely Miss Sky / Sir Ryder litter will be ready to go Jan. 20, 20023 and we have 2 darling boy puppies available. 

 Videos are available. Get on our list today! Ty )  

We are now taking names for Winter 2022  waiting list.
If you ae interested please call me at 419-228-8302.

You are welcome to call for more info and get on our waiting list. Ty

Check out our retired Adults looking for loving family’s! 

Get on our list for a wonderful TwaNas Pk Shih Tzu. Thank You!  

We are happy to add you to our waiting list for a beautiful TwaNas Pk Puppy. 
Deposits will be excepted at an appropriate time after puppies are chosen. Ty
Waiting List is as follows: Now Accepting Names for 2022

1.) My Pick 

2.) Amy Roberts Either 🙂





Sometimes our list can get long, don’t be discouraged.
Things Change fast and people wish to wait for a certain sex or color which can
move the list along. 

Chosen Puppy List!
Beautiful Miss Paisley and Sir Ryder
DOB 11-09-2022

1.) Dana of Ky. Male-Spencer Dark Red Blk Mask 
2.) David & Jeanee Of Ohio Male -Stryker Red /Wht   
3.) Lisa H.of Ohio Female-
Sophia Gold with blk Tipps
4.) Female on hold for me.
5.) Jill W. of PA. Male Shiloh Red and White
6.) Paul of KY Male -Scout Red and White 

Chosen Puppy List!
Adorable Miss Sky and Sir Ryder
DOB 11-18-2022
1.) Daphne of Ohio Female Maci Gold and White
2.) Suzi of Alaska Female  Megan Solid Red Gold
3.) John If MI.  Major White and Gold 
4.) Miko Available Beautiful Solid Gold/Red Black Mask 
5.) Milo Available Adorable Solid Gold



Chosen Puppy List!
Sweet Miss JoJo and Sir Ryder
DOB 08- 31 -2022 

1.) Anthony Of NY — Female Kenzie Red Solid 
2.) Gabriel of Fla /New Jersey Female Khloe Red and White 2nd TwaNas Puppy for this family! Ty 
3.) Susan and Timothy of MO. Female Katie Kay Dark Red 

4.) Male Available Kody Red Black Mask

5.)  Denise of NY Male Kash Dark Red Ty So Much Denise this their 4th TwaNas Puppy! 

Chosen Puppy List!
Beautiful Miss Jersey/Sir Ryder
DOB 08-27-2022

1.) Collen and Ron Of PA. Male Jason Dark Red and White 2nd TwaNas Puppy for this family.
2.) Mei Lin of California Female Jaycee Red and White This is Her 3rd TwaNas Puppy ! Ty 
3.) Kara of PA. Male Jagger Red and White 

4.) Morgan and Scott of Ill. Male Jovanni Red/Wht. This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy!
5.) Dr Samantha of WVA. Female Jazzy Red and White This is her 2nd TwaNas Puppy! 


Chosen Puppy List!
Beautiful Miss Piper and Sir Ryder
DOB 04-18-2022
1.) Elizabeth and Andrew AL. Female Paris Red/Wht Paws  Andrews family has 2 TwaNas babie! Ty    
2.) Sherry/Brian Oh. Preston-Male Red / Wht. Paws      

3.) Pat Anderson AL. Percy-Male Red / Wht. Paws 2nd TwaNas Baby! Ty 

4.) Sandy M. Of Ohio Passion-Female Red  2nd Twanas Baby! Ty

Chosen Puppy List!
Beautiful Miss Paisley and Sir Ryder
DOB 04-27-2022

1.) Marcy R.Oh. River-Male Red/Wht. 2nd TwaNas Baby! Ty 
2.) Tresa of Fl. Ranie-Female Gold Black   
3.) Katrina of Ohio Female Red this is Her 3rd TwaNas Baby! Ty 

4.) Becky of MI.–Remi Male Gold Black Tips 2nd TwaNas Baby Ty! 

Daphne of Ohio–Reo Male Gold Black Tips 3rd TwaNas Baby Ty! 

6.) Christina of New Jersey–Ranger Male Gold Black Tipps.Ty! 


Chosen Puppy List!
Sweet Miss Jessy and Sir Red
DOB 02- 12 -2022

1.) Michell Victoria MI.- 2 puppies Male (Suki) Solid Red    
2.) Michell Victoria MI.- Female (Bella) Red/White   

Gretchen -Ohio Female Red/Wht. (Adora) 
Gina – PA. Male Solid Red (Sashi) 2nd TwaNas Baby! Ty 
Rochelle – MI.  Male Red/White  (Aiko)  
6.) Staci – MI. Male Solid Red (Milos) 2nd TwaNas Baby! Ty 

Chosen Puppy List!
Sweet Miss JoJo and Sir Ryder
DOB 02- 14 -2022

1.) Joann Paone – MA Male Red/White (Valentino) 2nd TwaNas Baby! Ty 
2.) Marty Mason -Ohio Male Solid Red ( Cupid )
3.)  Amy H. –  Ohio Male Red white paws 2nd TwaNas Baby! 
4.) Mike and Donna of Va. 2nd TwaNas baby!







Chosen Puppy List!
Sweet Poppy and Sir Red
DOB 10- 13 -2021
1.)  Nancy H. Female (Dream ) Red and White. Mary Brown 
2.)  Mary Brown Female (Daisy) Red and White
3.)  Alex Kidd Female (Miss Darcy) Red and White 

Chosen Puppy List!
Lovely Lanie and Sir Red
DOB 09- 01 -2021
1.) Stephanie Perry Michele Murphy -Female TwaNas Pup Tiny Red Laci This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy! Ty So much! 
2.) Michele Murphy -Female Solid Black/Red Lila This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy! Ty So much!
4.) Morgan Bainbridge -Female Solid Black Lexi

3.) Lisa Bennett – Male Solid Golden Red Lucky

Chosen Puppy List!
Darling Sky and Sir Charming
DOB 09- 18 -2021
1.)  Linda Little Ohio ( Has Chosen Female Sonia )
2.)  Kathleen F. Has Chosen Sophie Female
3.)   Gold and White Sasha On Hold 

Chosen Puppy List!
Sweet Piper and Sir Red
DOB 08- 26 -2021

1.) Jennifer S. Of Co Female Precious Solid Lighter Red This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy! Ty So much! 
2.) Kris B. Female 1 Paris 

3.) Kris B. Female 2 Pipa
4:) Raneeta and Chuck D. Of Pa Male Red and White Prince

Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Bella and Sir Charming
DOB 07-15 -2021

1.) Marlene C. (Female) Brooke
2.) Sarah S. IL. ( Male ) Brady

3.) Jim and Phyllis (Male Blaze ) KY
4.) Andera W,(Male Buster) This is their 2nd TwaNas Puppy! Ty So much! 

Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Paisley and Sir Red
DOB 04-23-2021

1.) Demetris – Of Ohio Male Solid Red Black Mask-Gabe
2.) Pam – Of Chicago Solid Red Black Mask  Female -Gwennie 

3.) Norma -Of Ohio Solid Red Black Mask Female – Gabby
4.) ON HOLD 


Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Sky and Sir Charming
DOB 02-18-2021

1.) Monica Snyder Of Ohio Male Gold/White (2nd TwaNas Puppy ) Spencer
2.) Erica S. of Ohio Male Gold/White (2nd TwaNas Puppy ) 
3.) Linda M. Of Ohio Female Gold/Wht. Sasha
4.) Danielle H. Of MI. Gold/Wht, Sophie 

Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Poppy and Sir Charming
DOB 01-30-2021

1.) Kim B. Female Gold/White Lexi
Deborah Bowser Female Gold/White Lacey
3.) Darlene Hayes Male Gold/White Luca

Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Maddie and Sir Charming
DOB 01-10-2021

1.) Gwen Of Ohio Red/White Male has chosen Midas
2.) Bev-New Jersey-Red/ White Male Has chosen Milo 
3.) Shirley-Female-Mackenzie- Darling Red Gold Female
4.) Kathy- Ohio-Macy-Sweet Red Gold/White Female 

Thank You For stopping by and Sharing the Tzu Joy with us.



















Chosen Puppy List!
Miss Piper and Sir Prince
DOB 12-22-2020

1.) My Pick – Chris Female Red Female Penny
2.) Amy L.of New Hampshire -Red Female Poppy
3.) Herwig Family of Fl.- Red Female Promise

Past puppies 2020

Chosen Puppy List!

Miss Jazzy and Sir Richie Puppies

1.) Judy J,Solid Black Female This is Judys 2nd TwaNas Puppy Ty 
2.) Paul Alden Solid Liver Female TY!
3.) Krstovski Family of Mi. Solid Liver Female. Ty!

Chosen Puppy List!

Miss Jessy and Sir Prince puppies arrived Sept.29,2020. 
Lori Of Pittsburgh Red White Female-Jasmine
2.)  John and Donna of Ohio Female Red/Wht.2nd TwaNas Puppy- Jewel

3.)  Thompson Family Solid Red Male 2nd TwaNas Puppy-Jasper
4.)  Andera Tepe Of IN. Solid Red Male – Jax

Chosen Puppy List!
Paisley/Richie Puppies Born 9/17/2020
Toni J.Euclid Oh. Solid Gold Female-Peaches
2.)  Maureen of Ky.Solid Black Female- Precious

3.)  Anna and John Of CT Red/Wht.Female-Paige
4.)  Koenig family of OH Gold/Wht.Male – Percy
5.)  Joyce Change of Cali.Solid Gold Male – Preston 

Please read this important information:  I am Located in Ohio.  Make sure you talk to me personally . We only except Paypal for payment and never ask for money grams or wire transfers. This information is to protect our wonderful clients!
Call me at 419-228-8302 or 419-371-3039…these are my only phone numbers.  We Look forward to talking with you! 


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