Planned Litters

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New Puppies have arrived !!!
Our Darling Miss Brooke / Sir Richie puppies arrived July 18, 2020 5 amazing little angels. 2 females 3 males. More info coming soon. 

Our Darling Miss Sweet Pea / Sir Prince puppies arrived July 16, 2020. 4 stunning solid Red babies. One Female and 3 little Adorable fellows. Photos coming soon. 
Get on our list for a wonderful TwaNas Pk Shih Tzu. Thank You! 

We are expecting! 
Darling Miss Meggie/ Sir Richie are expecting Sweet puppies Late August.
Get on our list for a wonderful TwaNas Pk Shih Tzu.
Miss Paisley and Sir Rich are hopeful for puppies Mid. September. Thank You! 

We are happy to add you to our waiting list for a beautiful TwaNas Pk Puppy.  Waiting list are as follows.
Deposits will be excepted at an appropriate time after puppies are chosen. Ty Waiting List is as follows:
Neil and Wendy of Pittsburgh Female 
2.) Linda L. Female
3.) Lisa Skyes
4.) Jerry Fleck Female Black/White
5:) Gwen Of Ohio Female
6:) Connie B.Of Ohio Female
7:) Lori Of Pittsburgh Red White Female Jessy Litter

8:) Kim Daily 2 Puppies one Male and Male or Female
David Owen
Don’t be discouraged by the long list. Things Change fast and people wish to wait for a certain sex or color which can move the list along.

Chosen Puppy List!

Brook/Richie Pups and Sweet Pea / Prince Pups
1.) Saporito Family-Have Chosen 2 male puppies. Bear and Sergio! This will be their 2nd/3rd TwaNas Puppies.
2.) Grado Family – Have Chosen 2 male puppies. Buster and Sawyer! This will be their 2nd/3rd TwaNas Puppies.
3.) Mary N.- Has Chosen Female Bristol and Her Sister Bailey!
4:) Susan Hill- Has Chosen Baby Benji!

Bella/Richie Pups and Poppy/ Richie Pups

1:) Barosko Family-Female This will be their 2nd Baby! Chose Solid Blk Lilly.
2:) Congratulations to the Jarrell Family- on your new baby girl!
3:) Crites Family-Male/Female or adult.
4:) Helper Family-Small Female ( 2nd TwaNas Puppy) Have Picked their new baby girl from Poppy/Richie Pups Born 6/13/2020. 


Please read this important information:  I am Located in Ohio.  Make sure you talk to me personally . We only except Paypal for payment and never ask for money grams or wire transfers. This information is to protect our wonderful clients!
Call me at 419-228-8302 or 419-371-3039…these are my only phone numbers.  We Look forward to talking with you! 


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