Retired Moms – Now Living with their new loving families!

 Welcome Enjoy the photos of our Retired sweet Moms from over the years.
These little Darlings are spoiled and loved by their forever families.


      sophie-201604     sophie-201607

TwaNas Pk Darling Princess Sofia

Dam: TwaNas Elegant Emmilyn

      Sire: TwaNas PK Dark Chocolate Mocha

Sofia is super sweet, Always happy to give you a hug and Kisses!


Miss Lexie-012

Miss Lexie-02  Miss Lexie-05

TwaNas Pk Luxurious Lexie

Lexi’s Pedigree

Dam: TwaNas Beautiful Little Miss Katie Kay
Sire: TwaNas PK The Code of Love

Lexie is super sweet, always close to me cuddling and Kisses.
Super Playful!!! Such a love bug…you can not resist her! 12 lbsdivider2


TwaNas Pk Journey Stone in Love
Dam: TwaNas Pk Heart of the Kingdom Ruby
Sire: TwaNas Pk The Code of Love
Stunning BLack and White
Our Miss Journey is doing great with her new loving family.



KatieKay109  KatieKay105

TwaNas Beautiful Little Miss Katie Kay

Katie’s Pedigree

 Dam: TwaNas Pe-Kae Missy MeiMei
Sire: Buttons Lil Remington Shotgun

Katie is going to be going to live with her new family very soon. 



TwaNas Pk Magnificent Mackenzie
Dam: TwaNas Pk Heart of the Kingdom Ruby
Sire: Rooster Of The Hen House
Beautiful Solid Red /Dark Mask
Kenzie is very Love and happy with her new mom and dad!


LilEmm107 LilEmm103

TwaNas Elegant Emmilyn

Emmilyn’s Pedigree

Dam: TwaNas Pe-Kae Missy MeiMei
Sire: Champion Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Bustin with Pride
Miss Emmy is now living with her new loving mommy and is very happy.


5-12-20 Chloe-706 5-12-20 Chloe-711

TwaNas Pk Chloe’s So Sweet

Chloe’s Pedigree

Dam: TwaNas PK Miss Emmliyn
Sire: TwaNas Pk Prince Serge
Miss Chloe is very loved and spoiled with her family in Beautiful Florida.



TwaNas Pk Babies Breath

5 Generation Pedigree

Dam:TwaNas Pk Pocket Full of SunShine
Sire: TwaNas PK Sweet Suga
Baby is laid back,loves to snuggle up close. Love this girl! 9 Lbs


6-27-14 libby2

TwaNas Pk Miss Libbey

Libbey’s Pedigree

Dam: Twa-Nas Honey Bee
Sire: Dakota Special Chocolate
Miss LIbby is one of a kind,,,funny, playful and sassy!  Such a character.




 TwaNas Pk Miss Glorious JoLene (JoJo)

Living with her new loving mom and dad in NY!

Dam:Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Pipsqueaks
Sire:TwaNas PK Tiger Rue


MizRuby103  MizRuby101

TwaNas Pk Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

Dam:Nanette Z Ivafre
Sire: TwaNas Pk Red River Rascal
Miss Ruby is happy living on the Golf Course in AZ. Riding in the Golf Cart all day loving life!

Ruby’s Pedigree



TwaNas PK Lavender Lace

Dam: TwaNas Pk Babies Breath
Sire: TwaNas Pk Amazing Flash

Lacey’s Pedigree


Bubbles101 Bubbles108

TwaNas P-K Chocolate Secret
Sire:Dakota Special Chocolate

Dam:Little Bailey Irish Creme Living With a wonderful family in Washington Dc.

Five Generation Pedigree


Miss Izzy1005

Miss Izzy10010 Miss Izzy1001

 TwaNas Isn’t She Beautiful

Dam:TwaNas P-K Shelby Leads The Way
Sire: Rooster of the Hen House

Izzy’s Pedigree




TwaNas P-K Shelby Leads The Way

Dam: TwaNas Pe-Kae Lilly Rosebud
Sire: Champion Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Bustin with Pride

Shelby’s Pedigree



Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Pipsqueaks

Sire:Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Red-EE Set Go
Dam: Twa-Nas Pe-Kae BeAnna the Sunset

My little darling 10 pound love bug. I adore this little doll.
Sweet little Miss Pips, my shadow, my pillow partner!

Pips is a person not a dog. 🙂
Excellent Show Coat, Bite and Conformation.


Five Generation Pedigree



LadyJesseica106 LadyJesseica1010

TwaNas P-K Lady Red Jessica

Dam: TwaNas Pe-Kae Red Satin Doll
Sire: Champion Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Bustin with Pride



TwaNas PK Beautiful Gem

Dam: Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Pipsqueaks
Sire: Rooster of the Hen House

5 Generation Pedigree


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